Sometimes it's difficult to know where to begin when starting a new online venture, and sometimes it is even more difficult to enhance an existing one. This is when Interac can help your business. Our team has extensive experience in managing, planning, implementing and delivery of enterprise-wide technology and marketing initiatives.

Most businesses are confronted with a set a factors, including customer demand for more information, more value for their money and time. Then add to it a competitive warfare and the urge for better earnings and ROI, and you will find yourself claiming for advanced solutions. We will be the advocates for that. We provide managed services for your strategic and marketing needs. Our experts will provide business analysis and determine the most tactical means to reach desired ROI:

  • Market analysis
  • ROI estimations
  • Web promotion and distribution recommendation
  • Web deployment
  • Media planning

The essence of consultancy is to define your precise needs, and, above all, your customer requirements and expectations. Minimize your investment risks and consult now.