Interac offers Electronic catalog, eBrochure design services that can create a page truing effect, which will give the potential client the effect of paging through real brochure.

With 80% of businesses now on-line or with high speed access to the internet, allow you to reach a much broader clientele base and avoids costly mailings as well. Online processing can be integrated, allowing you to securely operate you're own e-commerce catalog.

E-Brochure design digitize documents in form of .exe files, that can be distributed in form of downloadable files through internet or on storage devices like Flash/USB drives, CD ROMs, DVDs etc. With the feature you can also do updates to the Electronic brochures but simply changing the text or images, without having enormous costs involved.

E Brochure Features

  • Page turning digital E-brochures giving it the look and feel of a real brochure
  • Print Button for printing one page or the entire brochure
  • Create unlimited web links to your website, so that the viewer can link through to your website
  • Save as Button to save the E-brochure he can do that by selecting the button and automatic save process
  • Button for the viewer to email the E-brochure to anyone by typing email address
  • Back and Next buttons for easy navigation for the E-brochure