Interac utilizes the search engine Google which powers over 80% of all internet searches, ensuring the highest possible amount of traffic to your website. Through our experienced SEO team, we are able to monitor your Google Adwords campaign, allowing your business to experience consistent positive results. Why spend an excessive amount of money for a minimal return? If you are looking for an inexpensive way to increase your business then you are making the right choice. We not only markets your website, we market your business.

Interac team of optimization professionals will set up and manage your account for the duration of your agreement. The process begins with research relating to the most frequently typed in keywords with relevance to your particular business and geographical location. The next step is to create a campaign with through which we can constantly monitor the progress of your account. Within the campaign are the keywords that we have selected as well as a series of corresponding ads relating to those keywords. When a potential client types in any of these keywords an advertisement banner appears on the first page of Google with a link directly to your business website. We regularly update the keywords and advertisements depending on the trends that we observe so as to assure consistent results. We also provide you with your own login and password so you can have access to your account at all times. The following is the formula that will make you a first page sponsored link on and all its affiliates for a very inexpensive rate :

High Number of Impressions=High CTR (Click Through Rate)=Low CPC (Cost Per Click)=Low Budget Advertising