The Web is already the platform for doing business efficiently and quickly. As the penetration of high-speed and broadband Internet access increases, Web technologies continue to evolve to deliver new user experiences and increased application utility. The Rich Internet Application (RIA) is another step in that evolutionary process.

The Rich Internet Application reflects the gradual but inevitable transition of Web applications from the simple thin-client model of a traditional Web browser to a richer distributed-function model that behaves more like the desktop in a client/server model. Today these richer user experiences are being implemented with technologies such as Flash, Ajax, and Java.

Because RIAs are significantly more complex than traditional browser-based Web applications, they pose new design, measurement, and management challenges. To implement RIAs successfully, We provide effective Rich Internet Applications India solutions to its clients.

Our RIA development skills includes :

  • Macromedia Flash and Flex
  • Java and XML (Ajax)
  • OpenLaszlo
  • Microsoft Silverlight