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Interac has worked with the best of companies. Our varied work portfolio includes clients from all major economic sectors, like banking, hospitality & tourism, petroleum, automobiles, fisheries, healthcare, electronics and upmarket fashion outlets. We have experience in every imaginable category of business.

The InteracOman web process

InteracOman’s award winning web sites are a product of a proven strategic website design process. Our experienced web design team works closely with you to:

  • Clearly understand and identify the strategic goals and brand positioning of your website
  • Create a comprehensive website wireframe to better understand your goals
  • Take into account ease of use and search engine performance
  • Develop a web design that immediately communicates your most important products and/or services with a focus on calls to action

Our consulting services focus on:

  • Market research
  • Visual design and brand positioning
  • Architecture (Information architecture and Infrastructure design)


While in consulting we focus more on “What to change”, in production we focus more on “How to change”. Our production phase involves:

  • Design implementation
  • Content development
  • Web development


We support you even after the project is over. We provide following services in this phase:

  • On/Off site support and training
  • Infrastructure management
  • Tracking and reporting

Our Work

InteracOman has been fortunate to work for a host of clients from completely different backgrounds and our portfolio today includes customers from all key sectors like banking, automobiles, petroleum and hospitality.

Interactive Digital Media Technologies LLC


The challenge here was to create a website that would position InteractiveDigitalMediaTechnologies LLC as a thinking company, with the right balance of creative and technology skills. The information was structured in a way that makes it easy for even a first time visitor to the site to reach the information he needs. The vibrant colours portray InteracOman as a dynamic and young company, with a strong technological background.



A compelling name and a compelling site on Oman Tourism, DestinationOman is a site conceived and executed by InteracOman. A vibrant and colourful design is complimented with comprehensive information on all the tourism facilities in Oman. In a short span after launch the site has the site has won plaudits from the industry and has been written about positively in the media as well.

DestinationOman website has won several awards at Oman Web Awards over the years.

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