Eight Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

May 19, 2020 | Digital Marketing

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For your business to be successful and to be competitive in today’s digital world, you must adapt to the rapidly changing technological environment. We live in a scenario where technological inventions and customer behaviour, interests are hard to foresee. 

Companies can no longer hope to be successful in this field with the same old methods. At one-time artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search optimization were concepts bordering on the ridiculous. Today, these innovative digital marketing trends are among the top in the list for most of the leading companies in 2020. It is crucial to stay updated about the latest marketing trends to have their game on point. It does not matter what industry, product, or service yours is, digital marketing trends cannot be ignored. Now it is not confined to the boundaries of websites and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but more than that to retain the market with whatever strategies available. Here are eight marketing trends in 2020:

More go-to Analytics tool

You’re most likely pondering, what’s going on with Google Analytics. Nothing isn’t right with it. The main catch is that Google Analytics won’t get the job done on the off chance that you are to remain serious and ahead in the market. The way that ordinary new channels are springing up with new highlights (for example, voice search) is driving advertisers to move toward things from a cutting edge point of view. Likewise, exchanges aren’t as basic as in the past. Today, advertisers must consider various variables like up-sells, down-sells, checkout knocks, rehash buys, etc. To top that, presently you have endless creative approaches to help organization income, for example, online courses, subsidiary promoting, influencer showcasing, and so on. Because of such monstrous changes in the showcasing scene, organizations are depending on utilizing keen examination arrangements that can be better coordinated into the organization database. Plentifulness and Google Data Studio are two phenomenal business insight devices that are turning into advertisers’ top pick.


They are artificial intelligence software that comes as a virtual concierge, interacting with users and helping them complete their goals. They interact with users through text messages but verbal interactions are also possible. Many people prefer chatbots as they are responsive day and night, answering the queries of customers, taking them to the products and even make the customers to purchase the product they are interested in. It can help companies learn more about the customers, their preferences, buying habits, making it a more personalized experience. Many more businesses claim that they want to rely on chatbots in the coming years. Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations. In the coming years artificial intelligence will bring a rapid change in the productivity and GDP potential of nations. Including conversational marketing engages people and they love to talk to their favorite brand in real-time.

Direct Messaging

For getting more connected with the customers, brands are taking the communication to Direct Messaging. As a means of facilitating customer service and assisting in sales, direct messaging is becoming one of the most successful digital marketing trends now. Through messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, or through other private messages on social media like Twitter or Instagram, brands are establishing stronger connections with their customers. These platforms offer the convenience of interacting with the customers immediately, all in an environment the user is already familiar with.
Brands find Direct Messaging customers to be effective for maintaining relationships, whether addressing issues, taking sales orders, or for quality checking & feedback collection. Latest digital marketing technologies let your customers message you via organic or paid advertisements, or other interactive methods.
Live videos

The live viewership in 2016 was 80% higher than in 2015. Furthermore, the pattern of the next years was likewise developing. Along these lines, it is normal that by 2020, 82% of the world’s Internet traffic will be for this kind of video. The general population likewise anticipates that from brands. About 80% of individuals would prefer to watch an organization video than read a blog. Effectively 82% like live recordings more than posts on informal communities. This is an irreversible pattern, and organizations can likewise be set up to invest significantly more energy into delivering quality substance for live broadcasts. These lives comprise of live video streams employing devices, for example, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or stages like Twitch, Livestreaming, and others.

They are mainstream today since they offer shoppers a brief look inside the behind the stage of an organization. The intriguing thing about lives is that they are adaptable and converse with other 2020 patterns, for example, nearby influencers (they can take an interest in the communicate), customized content and the work to draw in crowds on informal organizations.

Visual search

It is another important trend in digital marketing. Visual search can take your customer to another level. It gives a more personalized experience. Here people can upload an image to conduct a search and get more accurate results. Pinterest has already employed this and found success. They came out with a lens, a visual search tool that allows users to take a photo of anything to find out the information regarding the product like where to buy it online, similar products, etc. similarly, Google lens and Camfind are visual search mobile applications enabling you to search by uploading pictures.

Influencer marketing

The popularity of social media among people had given rise to influence marketing. The term ‘influencer marketing’ means word of mouth marketing where promotions are done by prominent influencers or personas in the industry. The ultimate aim is to create credibility and a group of social media influencers to promote your product. It is more authentic than corporate advertising. Many consumers trust and blindly believe what the influencers talk about the product, its uses, and its benefits. Studies show that more than fifty percent of people buy a new product because of their marketing techniques. The influencers can be well-known celebrities, but more often they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a huge fan following.

Programmatic advertising

Automatic publicizing implies utilizing AI to robotize advertisement purchasing so you can target increasingly explicit crowds. Ongoing offering, for instance, is a sort of automatic promotion purchasing. This computerization is considerably more effective and quicker, which implies higher transformations and lower client procurement costs. It’s changing the substance of computerized publicizing so quickly that, as per eMarketer, 86.2% of advanced presentation advertisements in the U.S. will be automatic by 2020. It’s intended to supplant human arrangements with AI and AI-improvement. The objective is to expand proficiency and straightforwardness to both the promoter and the distributer. This is done through ongoing closeouts where advertisements are purchased at equivalent to a guest stacks a site.

SEO structured data

Another significant change is that the number of visitors that businesses are getting from organic efforts and SEO is expected to decline. Google has been prioritizing rich ‘visual search’ snippets across all their platforms and devices, which allow visitors to get all the information they are looking a lot faster and help them decide on the right website to click through, right from the top results. Based on a study conducted by Path Interactive, among people aged between 13 and 18, 40% of them are going to get what they need through rich snippets. This effort by Google will drive more informed click-through and will decrease bounce rates dramatically. The technical implementation of these rich snippets is a big part of what is called structured data and “Schema Markup” which is expected to become the top focused of SEO talks in 2020.

Artificial intelligence

AI is going to be the heart of global business and industry in the future and is ready to take over simple jobs. AI can analyse consumer behaviour and search patterns and use data from social media platforms and helps businesses to understand customer behaviour and satisfaction. With advancement being the essential focal point of AI, organizations are likewise trying to use AI to robotize routine errands. This will help save the hour of human workers, empowering them to concentrate on progressively significant assignments that request human insight. Above all, since AI arrangements and instruments are more open than any time in recent memory, organizations overall enterprises are utilizing them.

As such, the advertising field is exceptionally good even now, and if you wish to remain above water, you should likewise receive AI advances and answers for promoting. There are major trends that have been emerging in recent years and continue to rise in importance while new strategies have recently developed which marketers started to focus on to grow their business. Being a top Digital Marketing Company in Oman, we are up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and we can help your business grow exponentially with the help of Digital Marketing.

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